Bring your vision to life with Digitav 3D Estates

Bring your vision to life and demonstrate how your new development will look with a unique, innovative high-tech approach using state-of-the-art 3D gaming software and CGI Graphics. Make an immediate and professional impact on your clients or Planning Committee.

We provide you with fly through video and a 3D game style environment so that your clients can visualise and showcase any type of Building Project.

360 degree viewable 3D Estate Model

The 3D game can be downloaded and installed on any computer* to play the game by moving around the estate wherever the player wishes to go. Inside each house, outside, on the roofs, in the gardens or even in any water features.

We can even recreate 24-hour periods (for any time of year) to demonstrate where shadows fall or streetlights shine. We could also show the passing of the seasons if required.

A particularly important feature for planning Gardens and Park areas.